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Status: OPEN
Submitted on: Dec 06, 2015 at 10:07 AM
Race and Class
Human Paladin
Previous Guilds:

Endless Night, Dragonfly Clan

Raid Experience:

Only LFR

Additional Info:

I really really want to start doing guild raids and guild dungeons, but my current guild isn't active anymore in doing these. I'm mostly available on Sat during the day and Sunday pretty much all day and night to raid or do dungeons and participate in guild challenges. I am currently ilvl ~670 and going through LFR raids as quick as I can. I have a 2H Frost DK that i am leveling to get expand on my game fun.

I am a father of 4 little kids so required raid times might be hard for me. But I have been playing the game since cata and still love it. In fact my oldest daugher was playing it with me holding her an hour after being born lol



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